How Paris apartments will look like in 2027

Don’t worry… We can’t predict the future. At least not yet! “Paris apartments 2027” is an amazing project by 3d architecture Marat Zakirov where the artist takes advantage of his imagination and creates possible looks of “close future” apartments.

Besides the simplicity, the artist searched for harmony in colors, composition and shape.

Take a look into the result and don’t forget to follow the artist on behance where you can find other exquisite projects.

All about simplicity, harmony in colors, composition and shape. For lighting the artist have set just VraySky and Light portal. “Cause I like soft shadows and lights”.

Inspired by a catalog of Italian furniture factory Jesse...

… But much influenced by the visual design of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, an electronic game.

“I like when classic things face with modern things”, explained.

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