‘R.I.G. Modules’ shelving by Mikal Harrsen & Adam Hall for MA/U Studio (DK)

MA/U Studio’s ultra minimalistic R.I.G. table and shelving system is designed from the idea of joining simple principles; optimized use of materials, enhanced functionality and a minimalistic expression.

“By using well known construction techniques, we wanted to do a series of furniture with an absolute generic appearance, which would allow the structure and the materials to perform as the ultimate leading characteristics.” says the MA/U Studio.

“R.I.G. is the obvious result of the idea. These designs will, due to the simple expression, fit into any thinkable environment, whether you are furnishing your living room, dining area, workspace, your studio – or all in one.”

Delivered flat packed, R.I.G. is not only easy to assemble, the cleverly designed structure is also extremely stable.

Got the inspiration from dailytonic.com

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